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About James

James Anderson Jr.

James Anderson Jr.

James is a seasoned Computer Engineer, Computer Programmer, Designer, Artist, and Professional [Full-Stack] Web Developer. James has had his hands in computers, in some measure, since being just a young boy.  At 8 years of age (1992) James loved tinkering with the family-owned IBM PC, always learning, and being ever fascinated by it's seemingly endless sophistication. At age 17 (only a junior in high school), James took up computer classes (in both software & hardware functionality), and began learning the basic fundamentals of how computers operated. Utilizing his new-found knowledge,  before he had even begun his senior year at high school, James had successfully built his first PC –made affordable by allowance money raised through tough yard work, and household chores. In 2002, with the then recent release of the highly-graphical Windows XP, James used some of the graduation money he had received from family and friends, and brought his first high-end graphics card —the GeForce 4 MX440. Later that year James acquired his first job at a Big Lots retail store, in Wilmington, NC, USA. He worked there for a little over a year, trying to raise money for college. In 2005 James enrolled in his first college course at ECPI College of Technology (Now ECPI University), in Raleigh, NC, USA.

In recent years, James has started repairing, and maintaining, computers, as a part-time job. He has graduated from Cape Fear Community College with honors, in Wilmington, NC, USA, and picked up the skilled art of Web Development, learning best practices of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP along the way; as well as more in-depth studies of Computer Sciences.

Today, James uses the skills he has learned throughout his life, and his fine-tuned IT experience, to help guide other bright individuals to use today's technology, to think, build, and create solutions to life's biggest problems!